Frequently asked questions

Before picking up the phone and pitching a question to Park of the Dead, please read this informative FAQ which we hope will save you precious time. It is being continually updated and the best way of keeping up to speed is by ‘liking’ our facebook page. Operators G1 and G2 give you the answers.

Park Security Force Operators G2 and G3

How to book?

Contact Puckpool on  – 01983 615766. Find our Facebook page for updates.


Where do we go?

The assembly point is the main entrance to Puckpool. Details will be in your Confirmation Email.

How long does it go on for?

Each experience last approximately 1hr 45min. However the memories will reverberate for years.

What do I need to wear?

Suitable clothing & footwear for the relevant weather.

Are we going in any  tunnels?

Sadly most of the tunnels are completely bricked up, a couple have collapsed and others are welded shut so we can’t get in those as no one can. However we have worked hard to secure exclusive access which have previously been denied before. This is in addition to all the other exciting elements of the experience.

Can I come dressed up?

Best not to as things could get confusing and it could put you at risk.

Can I bring a torch or light?

All areas will be illuminated appropriately. At certain sections of the tour, torches will be provided.

How scary is it?

Depends on how easily you get scared?

Will I get attacked?

It is extreamly unlikely as the PSF are there to protect you

What happens if it’s too scary?

Then you have the option to opt out at any point. You will be met and escorted back to a secure area where you can wait for your braver friends to finish.

Can I bring a camera or camcorder?

You can but they are not permitted on the tour part of the experience. A photo opportunity will be available at the end of the tour.

What about mobile phones?

Mobile Phones are like ‘Location Maracas’ to the Undead, unless you want to be chased by them, we suggest that all mobile phones are to be switched off once you enter the experience area. For clarification that is when you enter the park. This is part of our health and safety obligations.

Is there somewhere to get food & drink?

Beverages and snacks are available within The Old Barracks Restaurant after the tour.

What time should I get there?

Please arrive 10 minutes ahead of your start time.

To keep the tours on schedule, the tour will start without you if you are late, so please arrive early. If you do arrive late we will try to add you on to a later tour but we can’t guarantee it as we can only have a maximum of 16 guests per tour. Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund if you are late or fail to turn up.

Age limits?

We class this experience suitable for those over 16, but 13 years old is the minimum age. Anyone under 16 will need to be accompanied by a paying adult.

Group size?

The group sizes are the same as last year, around 16 per group. This is to ensure you get the most personal experience without compromise.

Are there any other costs?

Not unless you wish to buy a refreshment at the end… and a new pair of pants!

Do I need to be fit?

This event requires that participants all have a reasonable level of fitness. Most of the experience you will be on your feet and required to walk over a variety of terrain. Any underlying medical conditions must be discussed with the organisers when booking. This experience involves live action horror and gore and as is therefore not suitable for anyone of a nervous disposition. It involves strobe lighting and various other theatrical effects that some may find unsuitable. If you have any doubts, please ask.

Can I bring my dog?

No pets are allowed on the tours.

What shall I expect to happen during the tour?

Without giving too much away, you should expect close proximity encounters, extreme darkness with possibly a bag over your head, firing of a Replica Imitation Firearm, Strobe Lighting, loud noises & disorientation. ALL participants must sign a risk acknowledgment & waiver before being allowed on the tour. Parents & Guardians must sign the risk acknowledgement form on behalf of any children

House Rules

  • For the enjoyment of everyone on each tour and for health and safety reasons, there is to be no photographic recording or video recording of the experience.
  • Alcohol is not permitted on the tour and anyone that is considered under the influence of alcohol ( or any other substance ) will be asked to leave. This is part of our Health and Safety obligation, as being under the influence of alcohol may put you and others in harms way. We are working with the Police and local authorities to ensure that Park of the Dead is as fun and as safe as possible.
  • We ask that all phones are switched off and there are a number of reasons for this and they will be explained fully in the initial briefings. This all pertains to health and safety.
  • Bookings are fully confirmed once payment has been received and you will also be sent a confirmation and start time by post.
  • We have a comprehensive set of Terms and Conditions for your health and safety so please read them ahead of booking. All participants will be required to sign Risk Acknowledgement Waiver before tour starts.