Coming July 24th 2015

Zombie Evasion Run

Evasion Run poster




Park of the Dead – Sacrifice – 2014

Sacrifice continued from the events of Halloween 2013. This time they had to make a tough decision, ‘will you Sacrifice yourself to save the rest of the group?’

The groups firstly had to locate the ‘supply drop’, at the end of the complex, then evade the zombie hoard that surrounded it.  They then had to assist the Park Security Force with clearing the ‘ops room’ & find the vaccine. Once the vaccine had been located, they were taken to Extraction Point B as EP-A was overrun by the infected. Once they had run the woodland footpath to EP-B, they discovered that they all were infected & they didn’t have enough vaccine to save the whole group.

Who was going to Sacrifice themselves to save the others?

Park of the Dead – Apocalypse – 2013

Apocalypse continued from the events of Halloween 2012 & Easter 2013 with G2 and PSF fighting for survival.  This time around the groups were smaller to give you a much more up-close & personal experience.

Park of the Dead – The Awakening – 2012

The original outbreak and the exploration of the Military installation under the leadership of Commander Mason. Until it all went wrong of course.

About Park of the Dead

Park of the Dead is a live action theatrical horror experience that is based in part on real life events and military history at Puckpool Park. You should be aware that it could be a high intensity experience that is not for the faint hearted or those of a nervous disposition. There could be, and you should expect, loud noises, flashing strobe lights, extreme darkness and moments of madness. You have been warned!