Halloween 2014

potd sacrifice

29th October – 2nd November 2014

Tickets go on sale Friday 26th September

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Halloween 2013 saw Park of the Dead – Apocalypse take place. A completely original and unique experience unlike what has been before. It tested the strongest of characters and played on all your insecurities.

Since the Zombie outbreak of October 2012, the virus has spread around the globe. Our only hope is to find a vaccine, which is thought to be located at the origin of where the virus was created – Puckpool Park. We hoped you enjoyed it.

Park of the Dead Apocalypse continued from the events of Halloween 2012 & Easter 2013.  This time we made the groups even smaller to give you a much more up-close & personal experience!

About Park of the Dead

Park of the Dead is a live action theatrical horror experience that is based in part on real life events and military history at Puckpool Park. You should be aware that it could be a high intensity experience that is not for the faint hearted or those of a nervous disposition. There could be, and you should expect, loud noises, flashing strobe lights, extreme darkness and moments of madness. You have been warned!

The Experience

The Grizzly History