Park of the Dead returns on October the 24th for five nights with the new experience BLOODSHED.

This years story…

With civilization as we know it gone and no official government running the country, only small pockets of survivors struggle to live in a zombie infected world.

The surviving groups have taken refuge in a variety of abandoned strongholds like hospitals, factories, prisons and any other suitable facility. With food, drinks and supplies running short and harder to find its becoming survival of the fittest.

Its only a matter of time until rival groups come to a ‘head to head’ battle for each others supplies and control of the land.

What will happen

You will arrive at a secure area & briefed on the current situation.

You should be aware that it could be a high intensity experience that is not for the faint hearted.

You should expect loud noises, flashing lights, disorientation, close quarter encounters, extreme darkness and moments of madness.

You have been warned!!


Bloodshed loosely continues from the events of 2017, but you can expect a unique experience than before.


Last years story… Asylum 2017 

With the ‘Z’ virus finally under control, the country is trying to return to normality.

Only small pockets of ‘infected’ remain and are slowly being eradicated. The government is recruiting all survivors to help search the abandoned hospitals and medical facilities for any remaining patients and survivors that have been left trapped.

You have been summoned by your country to help search one of the last remaining facilities.. the Asylum at Lab 17