Park of the Dead 2019



‘The Undead Nightmare’ is an immersive interactive horror experience that lasts up to  1 hour.

Each year a new storyline is created, and this year we delve deep into your minds imagination.

Guests are invited to book themselves into our theoretical ‘Dream Clinic’ to have their dreams analysed by the lead doctor and his scientists. Using an experimental hypnotic technique, they plan to get deep inside your brain and awaken you within your dream.

As per usual Park of the Dead style, the story doesn’t always go as you may think…. after all, this is a Live Action Horror Experience.

You can expect close proximity encounters, moments of pitch black darkness, loud noises and strobe lighting.


With a personalised adaptable storyline and amazing visual effects will have you believe you are living your worst nightmare.

The Dream Clinic takes a maximum of 10 patients per visit, so if you book a group larger than 10 people you will be split up.

Maximum booking size is 30 people, but you will be divided into three groups of 10 for the experience, but dont worry… we wont seperate you from your loved one……. not at the beginning anyway 😉

All you have to do is book yourself on a time slot which start every 30 minutes between 6.30pm & 10pm.

We have created a totally different experience for this years POTD and have made significant changes:

• This time the experience is just under 1 hour long, compared to the previous experiences lasting over 1.5hrs

• As its not as long as previous experiences, it will be about half the price of previous years.

• But don’t be fooled… we aim to make it more intense and twice as scary

• It is not just ‘Zombie’ related, we have many other ‘characters’ to entertain you

For those that have been before, this will be very very different, there is no continuing story from previous years and no previous main characters.

Amazing visual effects will have you believe you are in your worst nightmare.

Tickets are on sale now – click the button below to purchase them.


The Awakening 2012

Find out more about The Awakening

The very first Park of the Dead experience in 2012. For the first time on the Isle of Wight, the population were exposed to the horrors that lurked beneath Puckpool Park.

Apocalypse 2013

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On arrival they were given an up to date briefing before, being driven to the far end of Complex C. They were then escorted to the Dispensary for vaccination, before…..

Sacrifice 2014

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Sacrifice continued from the events of Halloween 2013. This time they had to make a tough decision, ‘will you Sacrifice yourself to save the rest of the group?’ A few stepped forward.

Zombie Evasion Run

Park of the Dead Zombie evasion run

2015 so the very first Zombie Evasion run on the Isle of Wight and it took place at the Park of the Dead home, Puckpool Park. culminating in a massive dye fight, it was tremendous.

Ryde Carnival

Park of the Dead in the Ryde Carnival

Park of the Dead have been in the Ryde Carnival from when they started the live horror experiences and every year they get amongst the crowd. Get a selfie if you dare!

Bestival 2015

Park of the Dead at Bestival

For Bestival 2015 DJs and performers featured in Park of the Dead Headlined and hosted The Zombie Love In on the Sugar Skulls stage on Saturday night.

About Park of the Dead

Park of the Dead is a live action theatrical horror experience that is based in part on real life events and military history at Puckpool Park. You should be aware that it could be a high intensity experience that is not for the faint hearted or those of a nervous disposition. There could be, and you should expect, loud noises, flashing strobe lights, extreme darkness and moments of madness. You have been warned!

Park of the Dead is a product of Events of the Dead Ltd