October 2015 – Lab 17

The scientists at LAB 17 have been working day and night since the outbreak, creating experimental viruses that can hopefully make humans undetectable amongst the undead.

Their intention, to create an army of undetectable soldiers.

They developed a prototype virus called ‘WOODMOREPHEUS 4’, named after the lead scientist Dr Woodstein.

WOODMOREPHEUS 4 is a virus that has been created by extracting the blood and DNA from the infected ‘Undead’.

All remaining survivors were be subjected to a few tests;… this determined if any of them a were suitable as ‘Woodmorepheus 4’ is only compatible with certain humans that have specific Brain Receptors,

Firstly their DNA was extracted, other tests include Blood Tests & Neurological Diagnostic Tests.

Once the tests are over, those that were not suitable were extracted from LAB 17 and returned to the Safe Zone.

Those that passed will be infected with the WOODMOREPHEUS 4 virus and join the armed forces in the fight against the infected undead.

But there is one side effect… once infected with WOODMOREPHEUS 4 you only had 28 hours until you needed the anti virus, otherwise you will remain forever infected… and there is NO turning back.