PSF Intel Reports

The Park Security Force have agreed to provide classified Intel Reports to subscribers via email. These are designed to assist you in preparation for the event you are about to embark on and any additional tours that get offered up.

Park Security Force operators G2 and G3

PSF HQ will be sending out periodic updates on how to stay ahead of the game and as you are a subscriber, you get this before anyone else. We won’t bombard you with unnacesary rubbish or sell your email address, this is to provide you with useful information pertaining to the unique event in October.

We’ll endevour to bring you snippets of history and intel that will assist you in understanding what happened all those years ago in the depths underneath Puckpool and the way it could play out in October.

What we know for definate is that on the nights of the events, you will get to witness the history of the truth unfold, up close and personal in a fully immersive experience. It’s the role of the PSF to keep you safe, we only hope that they succeed. Once you click ‘Get the Intel NOW’ check your email.

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