Park of the Dead is over for another year! I would like to give a great BIG thank you to everyone that came, we do hope you all enjoyed yourselves. 🙂

Each year we try to think of new storylines, ideas and scenes to keep each POTD unique in its own way, and we hope this year didn’t disappoint.

The comments and messages you have left us have been amazing, and have put a big smile on the face of everyone that has read them.

The photos we took will be uploaded over the next week, so please bare with us as we sort through them.

One last BIG thank you to all the cast and crew involved, without their enthusiasm and commitment, Park of the Dead wouldn’t be what it is.


As for 2018… who knows!!

Hopefully see you all again.


Asylum 2017 – the Story..

With the ‘Z’ virus finally under control, the country is trying to return to normality.

Only small pockets of ‘infected’ remain and are slowly being eradicated. The government is recruiting all survivors to help search the abandoned hospitals and medical facilities for any remaining patients and survivors that have been left trapped.

You have been summoned by your country to help search one of the last remaining facilities.. the Asylum at Lab 17



You will arrive at a secure area & briefed on the current situation.

Following the instruction of the security personnel, you will be taken into the facility and start your search for any survivors.. anything more than that… well… you’ll just have to wait?

You should be aware that it could be a high intensity experience that is not for the faint hearted.

You should expect loud noises, flashing lights, disorientation, close quarter encounters, extreme darkness and moments of madness.

You have been warned!!